Video Production

High definition video is an important part of getting noticed and making a good impression on your clients. At influence People we make all types of video, from commercials and website videos, to interviews, contract journalism, video promotion, and event videos.

Commercials and Website Videos

We all know that television commercials are an impactful way to get your name and products known. But you no longer need to come up with ridiculous amounts of money to get your brand out there. With the web and social media, you have an immediate, more personal, cost-effective delivery method.

Contract Journalism

Do you want videos interviews for your blog of publication, hire us to make and promote those videos for you.

Video Promotion

Do you want to make a viral video? Do you have an idea that you need to turn into a popular video? Do you have a video that you need to get more people to see? We can help.

Event Videos

Event videos can motivate, inspire and excite people like nothing else. Whether you need a series of videos that covers multiple themes and unfolds over the course of several days, or just need a single video to kick off an event before the CEO takes the stage, we team up with our clients to create a memorable and powerful cinematic experience.


Interviews allow for a third party perceptive of a product or topic that may be of interest to your clients or associates. They allow for different objective and subjective points of view to be expressed, so the viewer can draw their own conclusions.