Influence People is a full service marketing and PR agency based in downtown San Francisco.

We help clients create great content and influence people online!

Murray Newlands

Influence People was founded by Murray Newlands, an online marketing and PR expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Newlands serves as a contributor to a number of renowned publications, including Entrepreneur.com, Inc.com, and VentureBeat where he writes and produces videos on entrepreneurship, tech and social marketing trends and startup advice. His work has been featured on The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes, The Huffington Post and many other publications. Newlands is a marketing and public relations professional, having founded several media firms. Newlands was Non-Executive Director for Slough Enterprise Hub and Cambridgeshire Business Services. He is on the advisory board for VigLink, the leading platform for content-driven commerce. Newlands received a Bachelor of Laws and he is qualified as a Lawyer. He gained his Green Card by being recognized by the US government as an “alien of extraordinary ability.” Newlands is the author of “Online Marketing: A User’s Manual” published by John Wiley and “Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals”.

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