Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that focuses on generating sales leads by driving prospects to your website. It involves getting found online through social media and search engines.

To date, traditional marketing campaigns have focused on outbound marketing techniques such as Direct Mail, Event-Driven Marketing, Telemarketing, Advertising, etc. These techniques are becoming more difficult to attract prospective targets’ attention. With the saturation of email blasts and junk mail, and the mobility of today’s workforce it is becoming harder to ensure your message gets through to your intended audience.

People shop and learn in new ways compared to a few years ago. People use the Internet to gather information through search engines, such as Google, the blogosphere and the social mediasphere. To be successful and grow your business, you must market your products with the same way your prospects learn and shop for your products. This can be accomplished by generating leads through inbound marketing.

Here are four key steps for inbound marketing:

– Turn your site into a collaborative marketing hub to drive inbound traffic/prospective customers to you.
– Get Found in Google.
– Get found in social media channels; nurture prospects into customers.
– Convert inbound prospects into customers.